Tim Foley is a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist whose sound doesn't settle easily into a descriptive box. You'll hear an amalgamation of musical styles he has gravitated towards, which include blues, jazz, folk, classical, and funk. Tim lived in New Orleans for a number of years, and his music is heavily influenced by the city’s tradition of musical experimentation. His songs, both instrumental and with vocals, range from upbeat foot stompers to relaxing melodic soundscapes. 
 He has a self-produced instrumental CD (see below), featuring original guitar instrumentals and is currently working on a new album featuring his jazzier material in a group setting.  


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A couple of songs from my album 'INSTRUMENTAL'

At Chris Rival's Studio: Chris Rival (center) talking with Richard Gates - bass, with Fabio Pirozzolo - drums (sitting on left) and Mike 'Sax' McLaughlin - tenor (in the back booth).

I'm very fortunate to have these gentlemen with me on this project. When thinking of musicians to play my music I needed people who were versital with a number of music styles and could play outside of a box. Basically, I needed people who are could play jazz because some of my music is jazzy sounding. I wouldn't call myself a straight up jazz musician but I know I'm not a rock player. I just play the music that's in my head and sometimes it comes out with a bossa nova feel,  but other stuff is mixed in there with it so it's never all of one thing. With the current album we're working on, I chose to document my more jazzy sounding material and used a nylon string guitar simply because it's my favorite and sounds best with the material. We'll schedule our final session to record my song 'Fathead' and a do over of 'You Believed It So' on 4.23.20. We'll be at this studio on Wed. 1/22/20 to recording my songs - 'Southold Morning' (instrumental) and 'You Don't Treat Me Right' (more of a funky number that will jump off to the next album which will be more electric sounding.) 

A demo from my upcoming album featuring wonderful musicians joining me on my project. Richard Gates - bass, Mike 'Sax' McLaughlin - tenor and Fabio Pirozzolo - drums. These fine gentlemen and myself are The Tim Foley Group. We will perform at The Cat In The Cradle Coffeehouse, Byfield, MA on Sat. Nov. 9, 2019.

WCAT — Winthrop Community Access Television appearance:  https://youtu.be/ihfnTUlvn7g

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