Tim Foley is a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist whose sound doesn't settle easily into a descriptive box. You'll hear an amalgamation of musical styles he has gravitated towards, which include blues, jazz, folk, classical, and funk. Tim lived in New Orleans for a number of years, and his music is heavily influenced by the city’s tradition of musical experimentation. His songs, both instrumental and with vocals, range from upbeat foot stompers to relaxing melodic soundscapes. 
   He has a self-produced instrumental CD (see below), featuring original guitar instrumentals and is currently working on a new album featuring his jazzier material in a group setting.


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'Carribean Moon For Pat' written by Tim Foley - Tim Foley
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My father once stated something that has always stuck with me; "You never know what's around the corner". Depending on your outlook, you could take this statement one of two ways. I have always leaned towards the positive side of it and believe that good things are happening around the bend, you just need to wait a bit.

   Months ago, my wife Kirsten convinced me to enter my music into the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, presented by the Songwriters Association of Washington. For a lark, I entered. Last night I checked my email and found that I won Honorable Mention in the Instrumental Category for my song 'Caribbean Moon For Pat'. This certainly fits right in as the truth of my father's statement and a great way for me to begin my 2021 musical journey.

If you are adventurous in listening to new music, follow this link: https://saw.org/2020-results/

You'll find my instrumental 'Caribbean Moon For Pat' as well as all the the winners in a number of different categories that will give your earbuds a treat.



    Upcoming Performances 

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WCAT — Winthrop Community Access Television appearance:  https://youtu.be/ihfnTUlvn7g


A demo from my upcoming album featuring wonderful musicians joining me on my project. Richard Gates - bass, Mike 'Sax' McLaughlin - tenor and Fabio Pirozzolo - drums. These fine gentlemen and myself are The Tim Foley Group who performed their first gig at The Cat In The Cradle Coffeehouse, Byfield, MA on Sat. Nov. 9, 2019 to a packed house. The second gig was unfortunately cancelled like the countless other gigs for musicians during this pandemic. It seems like a dream from the past now  to perform in a venue but I have hope for live music to be formed frequently once again around the corner somewhere.

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   I'm very fortunate to have these gentlemen with me on this project. Fabio, Richard and Mike are all versatile with a number of music styles and think outside the box. This album consists of my jazzier sounding material and it has been a delight for me to work with these guys in creating a bigger sound for my music.
   With the current album we're working on, I chose to use a nylon string guitar for many of the songs, simply because it's my favorite and sounds best with the material. Chris Rival, who is engineering the album, is currently finishing up the mixing of 8 of my songs. From there it will be mastered, then released.

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Fabio Pirozzolo (percussionist) - https://fabiopirozzolo.com
Richard B. Gates (bassist) - Rainbow Gates(thebandthattimeforgot.org)
                                                 Richard Gates | Discography | Discogs


At Chris Rival's Studio: Chris Rival (center) talking with Richard Gates - bass, with Fabio Pirozzolo - drums (sitting on left) and Mike 'Sax' McLaughlin - tenor (in the back booth).


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Look Up At The Moon written by Tim Foley - TIM FOLEY GROUP
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